Drake Does NOT Think Chris Brown’s “Comment Creeping” On Rihanna Is “Desperate,” Despite Report

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Drake Chris Brown Creeping Rihanna Crop Over Photo

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Drake Chris Brown Creeping Rihanna Crop Over Photo

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A new report from HollywoodLife claims Drake thinks Chris Brown’s “flirty” comment on Rihanna’s Crop Over photo is “desperate” and “sad,” but the entire story is made-up. Gossip Cop is told no one from Drake’s camp is sharing information about the rapper with the site.

According to the often disproven webloid, Brown “nearly broke the internet” when he commented on Rihanna’s “sizzling” Crop Over picture of her dressed in a jewel-encrusted costume, which garnered over four million likes on Instagram. In a so-called “exclusive,” a supposed Drake “insider” is quoted as saying, “Drake thinks Chris looks sad, lonely and desperate for comment creeping on Rihanna’s Instagram.” The outlet’s seemingly manufactured “source” goes on to claim that the rapper, who is “protective” of Rihanna, feels it’s “time for Chris to grow up and move on” from the singer.

What’s more, the repeatedly discredited site alleges that Brown “publicly thirsted over [Rihanna’s] sexy style,” but Drake “thought her former flame was trying way too hard.” “Drake is not afraid of Chris and even reached out to Rihanna to let her know that he is willing to talk to Chris if she needed him to back off,” further contends the webloid’s dubious insider, adding, “Drake even joked with his own team that [Brown] is going to find himself on the bad end of another restraining order.”

Let Gossip Cop set the record straight. If it wasn’t already obvious, HollywoodLies, as it’s often called, made-up the entire report. An actual insider close to Drake assures us the story is 100 percent “not true.” As we mentioned above, no one from the rapper’s trusted inner circle is divulging private details about him with the website, leaving the outlet with no other option but to fabricate its reports in the name of online traffic. Remember, Rihanna herself said she was “tired” of HollywoodLife making up fake news stories about her.

Of course, we’re not remotely surprised by the outlet’s latest fabrication. Gossip Cop corrected the site in May for falsely alleging in a ridiculous report that Rihanna was pregnant with either Drake or Brown’s baby. That article was entirely inaccurate, and the same goes for this latest one. Unfortunately, the website’s bogus stories just seem to get worse with time.