Drake Does NOT Think Meek Mill “Should Date” Taylor Swift, Despite Report

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Drake Taylor Swift Date Meek Mill

By Shari Weiss |

Drake Taylor Swift Date Meek Mill


Drake does NOT think Meek Mill “should date” Taylor Swift, despite an absurd report from a webloid that trafficks in absurdity.

HollywoodLife, an outlet more known for making up news than breaking it, is purporting to have an “exclusive” about Drake and Meek Mill’s recent feud. The jumping-off point for the outrageous story is Mill’s alleged Instagram post calling for an end to his beef with Drake. The site quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “It’s cool if Meek wants to bow down to Drake and end their little spat, but Drake would have appreciated if he would have been a man about it and flat out said ‘I’m sorry Drake’ or ‘I apologize to you Drake.’”

So, how does Swift figure in? Well, we have to warn you first: This is convoluted and RIDICULOUS. The supposed HollywoodLife “insider” continues by asserting that Mill should’ve conceded the feud “like how Taylor Swift was a woman about hers and straight up apologized to Nicki [Minaj] on social media! That would have been the proper way for Meek to apologize.”

The site’s alleged “insider” even goes on, “Drake still thinks Nicki’s is [sic] too much woman for Meek and thinks Meek would be better off with Taylor Swift — you know, because they both like to surrender. Meanwhile, Drake will gladly be with Nicki. Together, they’d have the entire hip hop community bowing down to them, just like Meek and Taylor did, respectively.”

Please. Drake is in no way looking for Mill and Swift to get together, and he certainly isn’t having his camp talk to a site that’s known as “HollywoodLies.” Here’s what’s actually going on: The webloid decided to take two recent pop culture controversies and combine them, using Swift, a much-Googled star, as the link to try to game web traffic. HollywoodLife knows Google rewards original content, regardless of accuracy, so it simply crafted a tale that would hit on several hot topics and people.

It’s transparent and it’s pathetic. HollywoodLife has already proven to be an unreliable source of “news” for a number of celebrities, including Swift. Now we can add Drake and Mill to that list.

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Drake thinks Meek Mill and Taylor Swift should date.


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