Story About How Drake Would “Die” To Land “Stranger Things” Cameo Is Made-Up

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Drake Stranger Things

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Drake Stranger Things

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A story about how Drake would “die” to land a cameo on “Stranger Things” was made-up. Gossip Cop can bust the manufactured tale and explain how it came about.

On Sunday, Drake hung out with the young cast of “Stranger Things” at the Golden Globes. Now because the rapper is a well-known fan of the show and just spent time with several of the series’ stars, HollywoodLife has manufactured one of its faux “exclusives.” The headline blares, “Drake Would ‘Die’ To Land ‘Stranger Things’ Cameo For Season 3: Returning To Acting?”

The bogus story begins, “Get excited ‘Stranger Things’ fans because Drake may be joining the cast! Well, maybe. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on his plans to revive his acting career.” A so-called “source close to Drake” is quoted as saying, “Drake’s watched every single episode, multiple times, and his hands down favorite character is Mille Bobby Brown’s Eleven.” Now their “new friendship may even get Drake back on the big screen,” contends the webloid known as HollywoodLies.

Of course, an appearance on “Stranger Things” would be for the small screen, not the “big.” Regardless, the site’s supposed source claims, “Drake was a teen actor too back in the day… ‘Drake would love to start acting again, he’s made no secret about it, and yeah, of course, he would die to secure a part on Stranger Things,’ even if it was just a cameo role.”

Yes, Drake has spoken about wanting to take on more film and TV projects. And yes, Drake did post a photo of himself and Brown on Instagram. But that doesn’t mean a cameo on “Stranger Things” is currently in the works. The show was only renewed for a third season last month, so the scripts for upcoming episodes are not yet nailed down. Plus, the program isn’t exactly known for any stunt casting.

Still, Gossip Cop investigated with our Drake contacts, and no one with whom we spoke was familiar with any plans for a cameo. It could be a wish that the rapper fulfills at some point, but it doesn’t appear these claims genuinely came from someone legitimately close to him. Rather, it seems to fit the typical HollywoodLies mold: Take something that’s been in the news (Drake’s “Stranger Things” fandom and the time he spent with the cast at the Golden Globes) and concoct a related story (he wants to cameo on the show).

In fact, this methodology was evident just last week. After it was revealed Nicki Minaj was no longer dating Nas, the blog made-up a story about her “hooking up” with Drake. The online publication has a demonstrable habit of peddling fake news about Drake whenever there’s real news that can be exploited. That’s what’s going on here.