Drake urging Rihanna to "cut ties with 'player' Hassan Jameel" is a fake news story. Gossip Cop is told no one from either Drake nor Rihanna's camp is feeding websites gossip about either singer. The report is nothing more than an unreliable outlet seemingly pretending to have inside information about the two stars.

HollywoodLife, which has earned the nickname HollywoodLies because of its penchant for fibbing, claims it has a "source," who tells the untrustworthy site, "Drake's heard this guy Hassan is a major player" and urged Rihanna to "cut ties " with the Saudi billionaire. "Rihanna doesn't need that in her life," adds the seemingly fabricated "source." The blog alleges it knows that Drake reached out to Rihanna because, despite their past, "he definitely doesn't want to see her be disrespected by some other guy."

Interestingly, not long after this fake news story from HollywoodLife was posted, the same site manufactured yet another untrue article in which it contradictorily wrote, "RiRi has been known to date players like Chris Brown, 28, and Drake, 30, so it's hard to imagine her with a more down to earth man. But that's exactly what... the songstress [has] found in Hassan." So Jameel was a "player" in one fake news story, but is the opposite in a second fake news story? Of course, no one has ever accused HollywoodLies of being consistent or incredibly accurate.

Also, as Gossip Cop has pointed out before, it's a little odd that the website has a piece about the two singers and not mentioned Rihanna's pregnant with Drake's baby, as it claimed just weeks ago. Naturally, that was a lie. Actually, a mind-boggling number of stories published by the site about Rihanna, based on an unnamed and purposefully untraceable "source," have been proven to be untrue.

The biggest problem for HollywoodLies is that time is not the outlet's friend because it has shown how repeatedly wrong they have been. Among the many other false claims they've made over the years about Rihanna have been that she was dating Rob Kardashian and Colin Farell, and was going to be an "X Factor" judge. None of those stories were based in any truth and neither is the latest about Drake telling Rihanna that Jameel is a "player." Gossip Cop has been told their friends and reps are not speaking to (nor telling lies) to websites.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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