Drake “Hooking Up” With Nicki Minaj Again After Nas Split Is Made-Up Story

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Drake Nicki Minaj

By Michael Lewittes |

Drake Nicki Minaj

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A new report that claims Drake is “thinking of hooking up” with Nicki Minaj is completely made-up. The fabricated article comes from a site that has been repeatedly caught manufacturing provably wrong stories about him. Gossip Cop can also expose this lie.

According to the fiction factory alternately known as HollywoodLife and HollywoodLies, Drake is considering getting back together with Minaj. It should be noted that while the blog contends “Drake is thinking of hooking up with her again,” they never actually dated in the first place. Also worth mentioning, the claim is being made by the same site that 48 hours earlier falsely reported Minaj was pregnant with Nas’ baby.

Basically, not long after HollywoodLies published its inaccurate story, it was revealed Minaj and Nas broke up and she wasn’t pregnant at all. So, what did the outlet do? It seemingly concocted a phony article about Drake and Minaj, even though it’s clear the site knows nothing about them and is just pretending again to have inside information when it doesn’t.

To bolster its premise, HollywoodLies magically found an alleged “source close” to Drake, who is quoted by the habitually discredited site as saying, “Drake thought Nicki’s relationship with Nas was fake the entire time, and now that it seems to have ended, Drake is thinking of hooking up with her again.” The same almost assuredly fake “source” further blathers, “Drake always felt like Nas had a bit of a jealous streak so Drake distanced himself from Nicki while she was with Nas.” “Now that things seem to be over,” adds the highly suspect tipster, “Drake sees an opportunity to get close again with Nicki in more ways than one.”

There’s are so many factually inaccurate claims in HollywoodLies’ article, in addition to its concocted quotes, that Gossip Cop doesn’t even know where to start. That said, read through the quotations again. Doesn’t it seem odd and unnatural that a “source close” to Drake would reiterate his, Minaj’s and Nas’ names in every single sentence? A real person, and not someone fabricating quotations, would use pronouns like “he” or “she.”

Regardless, Drake and Minaj are, and have only ever been, friends and collaborators. As noted above, they never dated, so talk of them getting back together again is simply nonsense. Of course, HollywoodLife tends to traffic in nonsense and the occasional fake news story, particularly when it comes to Drake and his dating habits.

In the past, Gossip Cop has busted the untrustworthy outlet when it wrongly maintained in a series of stories that Drake was dating Taylor Swift. We also caught the site when it posted a slew of fabricated tales about his supposed “hot and heavy hookups” with Bella Hadid. At the time, a source close to Drake told us it was all lies. Much like those articles and many more, the latest one that asserts Drake is considering “hooking up” again with Minaj is also 100 percent made-up.