Drake Did NOT Claim He Killed Best Friend For “My Boy Lucifer,” Despite Fake News

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Drake Lucifer Killed Friend

By Andrew Shuster |

Drake Lucifer Killed Friend

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Drake never told fans that he killed his best friend to “give my boy Lucifer what he wants,” despite an absurd report. Gossip Cop can debunk this ridiculous claim, which comes from a fake news site that frequently alleges celebrities worship the devil.

According to the untrustworthy blog YourNewsWire, the rapper went on a rant about his devotion to Satan backstage at a recent Toronto Raptors game. The site quotes Drake as having informed a group of fans, “Lucifer likes bloodsports. He is expensive. His preferred currency is blood. Lucifer will not be mocked.”

The unreliable outlet goes on to say that Drake encouraged his admirers to make “blood sacrifices” in the name of the devil. He allegedly added, “I sacrificed my best friend for more life… more years to my life.” It should be noted, More Life is the name of the album the Drake released earlier this year. The rapper is further quoted as saying, “The Illuminati have ‘age clubs’ you can join. The Illuminati tells you how long until you meet your lord Lucifer.”

Despite how ludicrous this all sounds, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to the situation, who exclusively assures us that Drake never preached about the devil following a Toronto Raptors game. Had the rapper actually went on a public rant about killing his friend for Satan, YourNewsWire wouldn’t be the only outlet reporting about it. Regardless, we’re assured that all of the quotes attributed to Drake in the article were fabricated.

In fact, the disreputable blog has an ongoing narrative about celebrities having ties to the devil. Gossip Cop recently busted the site for falsely claiming Rihanna told kids to “pray to Satan.” Shortly before that nonsense, we debunked the blog’s tall tale about Jay Z praising Lucifer and referring to Jesus as “fake news.” This latest take on the subject is equally bogus.

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Drake claimed he killed his best friend for Lucifer.

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