Drake NOT “Trying To Win Back” Jennifer Lopez Amid Alex Rodriguez “Cheating Scandal”

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Drake Win Back Jennifer Lopez

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Drake Win Back Jennifer Lopez

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Drake is not “trying to win back” Jennifer Lopez amid a “cheating scandal” involving Alex Rodriguez, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claims. Simply, two sister tabloids have teamed up and are spreading falsehoods.

“Could Alex Rodriguez’s potential loss be Drake’s gain?” asks Life & Style on its website. The gossip magazine alleges, “Now that A-Rod cheated on J.Lo, the rapper wants another chance with the star.” But Rodriguez has not “cheated” on Lopez. Gossip Cop busted that untrue allegation a few days ago when it was first peddled in the print publication. The outlet claimed Rodriguez was still in touch with a former flame and Lopez considered that to fall under “cheating.”

The contentions, however, had no merit to them, we excluively learned through a source close to the singer. In fact, Lopez and Rodriguez just happily celebrated their one-year anniversary a week ago. But the false cheating premise is being used to set up this new angle involving Drake. Quoting from In Touch, a so-called “source” claims Drake has been “telling pals” that losing Lopez was “his biggest mistake and that she’s ‘the one that got away.'” Notably, the tabloids don’t go as far as claiming they’re getting back together.

It’s alleged, “Though he has reached out to tell her so, she isn’t up for a rekindled romance, despite her current heartache.” That’s a convenient explanation. Basically, the magazines seem to have knowingly put out a bogus claim (Drake wants Lopez back) and built-in a cover for why it won’t happen (Lopez isn’t “interested”). And to make it more sensational, this is being tied to the tale about Rodriguez’s “cheating.” All in all, it’s a completely phony love triangle.

In fact, when Gossip Cop investigated the possibility of Drake wanting to pursue Lopez again, we were exclusively told on the condition of anonymity, “Of course this is untrue.” He is not going after someone who is very much taken and in a serious relationship. That said, it might’ve been the rapper’s own actions that inspired the outlets to concoct this storyline. Last month, Drake released a new song, “Diplomatic Immunity,” it which he raps about his fling with Lopez.

The lyrics go, “2010 was when I lost my halo/2017 I lost a J.Lo/A Rotterdam trip had me on front page though.” In addition to the explicit reference to Lopez, there’s been speculation in the song’s Genius annotations that the “A Rotterdam trip” is not just a nod to Drake’s time in Rotterdam last year, but also a disguised way of saying, “A-Rod a damn trip.” Regardless, though, the bottom line remains the same: Drake is not trying to get Lopez back, she did not reject him, and Rodriguez did not cheat on her.