Drake “Jealous Of Rihanna’s Billionaire Boyfriend” Is Fake News

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Drake Rihanna Boyfriend

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Drake Rihanna Boyfriend

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A story claiming Drake is “jealous of Rihanna‘s billionaire boyfriend” is fake news. Gossip Cop can explain how and why this story was made up.

Fans were surprised this week when Rihanna was photographed making out with a new beau, later identified as Hassan Jameel. HollywoodLife was surprised, too. And then the fabrication factory did what it always does: It made up stories about Rihanna and Jameel’s relationship, even though no one close to them are discussing such matters with the webloid.

Now the serial fabricators have branched out with another one of its usual tactics. HollywoodLies is claiming to know how Drake feels about the romance. “Drake Jealous Of Rihanna’s Billionaire Boyfriend & Doesn’t Think Hassan Jameel Deserves Her,” reads the headline of the article, which promises “EXCLUSIVE details.” Well, the information is only “exclusive” because the site seemingly manufactured it.

“Drake is kinda jealous of Rihanna’s new billionaire boyfriend. He has no idea why she likes this guy,” a questionable “source” is quoted as saying, adding, “Drake thinks Rihanna is one of the baddest chick’s ever and he doesn’t think this new guy deserves her at all.” According to the outlet, this tipster, who almost assuredly does not actually exist, further says, “Drake and Rihanna have been off and on for years and he has a lot of strong emotions when seeing her with someone else.”

That not an “exclusive detail.” It’s a statement that is partly common knowledge and partly obvious. No one needs a “source” to say “Drake and Rihanna have been off and on for years.” Everyone knows that. And anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows there’s “strong emotions” when you see your ex with someone else. But the dubious quotes are not the only indication that Drake’s purported reaction is illegitimate.

Gossip Cop previously confirmed, back when HollywoodLies was making up stories about Drake and Taylor Swift, that no one in his camp was discussing his personal life with the online publication. That hasn’t changed. And suspiciously, there’s also an “exclusive” today about Chris Brown’s reaction to Rihanna and Hassan. It appears that tale is inauthentic, too.

To recap: On Tuesday, all HollywoodLife knew was that Rihanna was spotted with an apparent love interest. On Wednesday, the site ran a biographical story about “the hunk believed to be Rihanna’s mystery man.” Later that day, however, the webloid suddenly had sources for “exclusives” about the relationship, and three such stories were published on Thursday. And then on Friday, the outlet roped in Rihanna’s exes for more “exclusives.”

None of this is surprising. HollywoodLies does this with every new couple. Once the basic news is out, the publication magically has all this insight, despite not knowing the day before that so-and-so were even dating. The site isn’t genuinely trying to provide its readers with news. It is trying to game Google and dupe fans by offering original content. But when that content and the sources for it are fictional, the only thing webloid is doing is publishing fake news.