Drake, The Weeknd Gay Couple Claim NOT True

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Drake Weeknd Gay

By Shari Weiss |

Drake Weeknd Gay

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Drake and The Weeknd are not a secret gay couple, despite a ridiculous claim from a certain webloid. Gossip Cop can debunk the laughable story.

MediaTakeOut blares on Thursday, “Drake And The Weeknd Get EXTRA CLOSE At Concert… Some People Are Now RUMORING… That They COULD BE GAY!!” The accompanying story says, “Drake came out to support his Toronto homie The Weeknd at his concert last night, but the way he did it has raised some eyebrows. You see Drizzy and The Weeknd had a falling out a few years ago, no one knows WHY. But they’re cool again, real cool.”

To make its case, the webloid points to photos of Drake and The Weeknd embracing on stage. “Look at the body language between these two men. Looks like they have some great CHEMISTRY,” contends the site. Of course, the outlet doesn’t have anything else to back up its dubious assertions.

Nor does the much-mocked publication mention that Drake and The Weeknd hugged it out during the show much like hip-hop and R&B stars, and virtually all artists, do when collaborators and guest artists make surprise appearances during concerts. MediaFakeOut has taken a rather standard interaction and twisted it into something salacious and scandalous.

And it’s not the first time the bad blog has gone in such a sensational direction. Last year, MediaFakeOut insisted Drake was gay and his on-and-off romance with Rihanna was fake. But everyone knows who is the real faker.

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