Drake and Bella Hadid are not "secretly dating," nor did he pay for her recent birthday party. Gossip Cop can bust this inaccurate report from one of the week's tabloids. We're told it's all untrue.

In its new issue and on its website, Life & Style writes, "On the surface, it seemed pretty random that Drake threw Bella an extravagant 21st birthday bash at NYC's Socialista lounge on Oct. 9. Turns out there was a reason for his generosity." A so-called "source" contends the rapper ponied up because they've been "secretly dating since June." And following the bash, maintains the publication, the model has supposedly "fallen even harder" for the Grammy winner.

"She thought it was so romantic. It started out casual, but they're definitely serious [now]. They've been meeting up and going out for romantic dinners," claims the gossip magazine's supposed snitch. The alleged tipster goes on to describe how the relationship allegedly began, asserting, "Bella was getting over her ex and wasn't interested in Drake, but that soon changed when Drake turned on the charm and wooed her with romantic gestures, including expensive jewelry and flowers."

But, adds the outlet's purported insider, "After having such a public relationship and breakup with The Weeknd, Bella wants to keep her new relationship on the down low." If that's the case, why would Drake be publicly seen at her birthday party? Why would they go out for "romantic dinners"? And why would a "source" dish on the romance to a tabloid? All of that seems contrary to them supposedly trying to keep the relationship "on the down low."

Naturally, HollywoodLife picked up the report without fact-checking. In fact, the often inaccurate site not only didn't question the veracity of the tabloid's tale, but also embellished it. According to the website, Drake and Hadid's supposed "romance is getting more serious by the day." Allow Gossip Cop to explain what's really going on.

Drake did indeed go to Hadid's birthday party, and his attendance wasn't kept a secret because they have nothing to hide. They aren't dating. The tabloid's "source" has crafted a false narrative around the rapper merely being at the birthday bash. "He simply went to her birthday party, as did other people," Gossip Cop is told by an impeccable insider. And, as we reported on Tuesday when we busted a Drake and Hadid "hot & heavy hookups" story from HollywoodLies, the singer did not foot the bill for the shindig. He simply went as a guest.

Frankly, Gossip Cop isn't surprised that Life & Style doesn't know what it's talking about. This is the same magazine that falsely claimed Drake and Rihanna were having a baby together more than a year ago. Once again, the outlet has failed to deliver real news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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