Is Drake "heartbroken" Rihanna "blew off" his birthday party? That's the claim coming from a webloid, but it's actually one of several made up stories about the rapper. Gossip Cop can bust the report and explain what's going on.

Drake, who turned 31 on Tuesday, celebrated his birthday with a star-studded party on Monday night. That prompted HollywoodLife to do what it often does: Take real news, in this case the celebrity gathering, and manufacture purported "exclusives" around it. The site is blaring in a headline, "Drake 'Heartbroken' Rihanna Blew Off His Birthday — He's 'Scared She's Out Of His Life Forever.'" According to the concocted story, he's "totally devastated she wasn't there for his bash."

"Drake really wanted Rihanna to be at his birthday party. It was great seeing all of his boys and having gorgeous girls there, but he was missing Rih. He knows that she's busy, but he misses her and would have loved to see her face," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. This supposed source goes on to assert, "Drake always tries to stay friends with his exes, and Rihanna is and always has been one of the most special women in his life. For him to completely lose her is difficult for him to accept. He's scared she's out of his life forever... Not showing at his party or even acknowledging it is heartbreaking for him."

But hours later, HollywoodLies abruptly changed storylines with a new article headlined, "Drake Flirted With 'Every Single Girl' In Nightclub During Wild B-Day Bash — Bella Hadid Jealous?" In this piece, the outlet claims to have "EXCLUSIVE details on how he got flirty with every woman possible" at the shindig. Nothing is said about the Grammy winner being "heartbroken" over Rihanna's absence, just like the previous report says nothing about how Drake supposedly "flirted and made eyes with every single female in the place." In fact, the online publication says in the first story that due to his ex not being in attendance, all the people who were there were not "enough to truly give Drake the night he fully wanted."

To recap: HollywoodLies first alleged Drake was disappointed with his birthday party because Rihanna wasn't there, and then alleged he had a blast flirting with multiple women. If you're thinking the webloid is full of it, you'd be right. This is the same site that just last week falsely claimed Drake was "secretly dating" Bella Hadid and having "hot & heavy hookups" with her. If that was the case, why would he be "heartbroken" over Rihanna skipping his party and why would he be "flirting" with other girls?

HollywoodLies is publishing inconsistent, contradictory narratives just to exploit Drake's name. And Gossip Cop has been told time and again that those close to him are not talking with this blog about his personal life, which is why the storyline is always changing. And while a source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, did not want to get into any specifics, we're assured that Drake had a great night marking his birthday, regardless of anyone else.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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