Drake, Bella Hadid Hooked Up?

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Drake Bella Hadid

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Drake Bella Hadid

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Drake and Bella Hadid never had “hot and heavy hookups,” despite a story from exactly one year ago today. At the time, Gossip Cop corrected a website’s report about how they were secretly dating. It was 100 percent wrong back then, and now a full 365 days later, it’s clear the claim was entirely made-up.

On October 17, 2017, HollywoodLife, a blog that’s been busted before for fabricating stories, swore up and down Hadid and Drake were hooking up. The outlet, sometimes known as HollywoodLies, contended their chemistry was “off the charts,” and that following her birthday a few days earlier, their romance was “really heating up.” The site seemingly manufactured an alleged “source close” to Drake, all in an effort to push its false narrative.

The almost assuredly concocted “source” supposedly told the website the rapper and model were “hooking up,” but were keeping their “relationship on the down-low.” That was the convenient way for HollywoodLies to cover itself for when they weren’t spotted anywhere afterwards looking remotely romantic. The often discredited blog further maintained Drake and Hadid were “crazy about each other.”

What’s really “crazy” would be turning to HollywoodLies for well-sourced stories. For starters, the frequently wrong site inaccurately reported Drake “threw” Hadid’s birthday party at a New York City club. In reality, he was simply a guest. More importantly, Gossip Cop was assured 12 months ago that Drake and Hadid were not dating or hooking up, and a year later it’s been confirmed they were never ever a couple. She’s actually with another singer, The Weeknd.

In June 2018, several months after HollywoodLies’ article, fans speculated the rapper and the catwalker might have dated, having overanalyzed the lyrics to his song, Finesse, in which he referenced two “hot” sisters. After the blog’s bogus rumor reemerged because of the song, Hadid finally responded on Twitter to someone who speculated she slept with Drake. The model tweeted, “Not me!!! that’s disrespectful. WHY CANT PPL BE FRIENDS W/o all the insinuation.” Gossip Cop will side in this instance with the first party, namely Hadid, as opposed to that site’s unnamed and untraceable third-party “source.”

It should be noted, just one month after its phony article involving Drake, Gossip Cop busted HollywoodLies again when it untruthfully asserted Hadid and the singer Miguel were a new “hot couple.” And in July, we nailed the same website when it spread an unverified rumor that Drake was dating Blac Chyna. Maybe it’s time someone hooks up that blog with better sources.


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