Drake Bell Insults Caitlyn Jenner On Twitter: “Sorry… Still Calling You Bruce”

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Drake Bell Bruce Jenner

By Michael Lewittes |

Drake Bell Bruce Jenner

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Drake Bell has once again infuriated people on Twitter, having tweeted on Monday that he won’t refer to Caitlyn Jenner by her name. He tweeted, “Sorry… still calling you Bruce.” But now it seems the one who should be the most sorry is Bell after Twitter erupted with an avalanche of insults hurdled his way. Bell has since removed his offending tweet, but naturally Gossip Cop has a screenshot of it below.

While the rest of the Internet was congratulating Jenner for her courage, following the release of her Vanity Fair cover, Bell instead decided to incite people on Twitter. One user, who goes by the name of “@stumpiternal” tweeted, “drake bell is like that one person in ur class who was popular in elementary school and still thinks he’s relevant.” Another person by the name of “@Bri,BryOnTour” wrote, “If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, please remember you’ll always be a better human being than Drake Bell.”

But that was hardly the end of it. “@viverite” tweeted, “Welp. Drake Bell just hit his self destruct button,” while “@Fyrasec” expressed, “RIP what little fame Drake Bell had left.” Another Twitter user named “teddysaltman” cracked, “i was gonna say that i hoped that tweet would hurt drake bell’s career but then i remembered it died years ago.” Many others similarly called Bell “irrelevant” and alluded to the former “Drake & Josh” star being in tremendous debt.

Bell, who’s been crushed in the past for anti-Justin Bieber tweets, later wrote, “Calm down children,” and attempted to clean up the mess he created by writing, “I’m not dissing him! I just don’t want to forget his legacy! He is the greatest athlete of all time! Chill out!” Actually, Bell should be saying he’s “not dissing her.” What do you think of Bells tweet about Jenner?

Drake Bell Jenner



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