Drake Slams Meek Mill In SECOND Diss Track “Back To Back” — LISTEN HERE!

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Drake Meek Mill Back To Back

By Minyvonne Burke |

Drake Meek Mill Back To Back

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Drake is slamming Meek Mill again in a second diss song called “Back To Back.” The rapper’s new track aimed at Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend comes just a few days after he released his first diss song, “Charged Up.” Listen to “Back To Back” below.

In “Back To Back,” released on Wednesday, Drake rips Mill for opening for Minaj’s “The Pinkprint Tour.” Drake spits, “You love her then you gotta get a world tour. Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour? I know that you gotta be a thug for her, this ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more.”

Drake also directly addresses Mill’s allegations that he doesn’t write his own songs. As Gossip Cop reported, Mill went on a Twitter rant last week bashing Drake for supposedly using a ghostwriter to come up with his verse on Mill’s song “R.I.C.O.” Now Drake raps, “This for y’all that think I don’t write enough. They just mad ‘cause I got the Midas touch,” adding in another part of the song, “Shout out to all my boss bitches wife-in n*ggas.”

The Canadian rapper also took another shot at Mill by using a picture of Toronto Blue Jays’ player Joe Carter from his home run at the 1993 World Series as the song’s cover art. While the photo may not seem related, the Blue Jays beat the Philadelphia Phillies during that game, and Mill is from Philly. Mill has yet to respond to Drake’s new slams, but on Monday the rapper teased that he was going to release a diss track of his own called “Beautiful Nightmare (Drake Diss).”

Listen to “Back To Back” below. What do you think of Drake and Mill’s ongoing feud?


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