Drake, Ayesha Curry “Flirting” Claim NOT True

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Drake Ayesha Curry Flirting

By Shari Weiss |

Drake Ayesha Curry Flirting

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Drake and Ayesha Curry were not caught “flirting,” despite a sensational report. Gossip Cop can bust the ridiculous claim.

In a characteristically dramatic headline, MediaTakeOut exclaims, “Drake Caught On Camera… And He Appears To Be FLIRTING… With Steph Curry’s Wife AYESHA!!!” The accompanying story begins by noting the two men are “close friends,” and then says, “Yesterday Ayesha Curry was out doing promo for her new book, and guess who showed up — DRAKE. The two exchanged pleasantries, but to us, it appeared that Drake was doing a bit of FLIRTING.”

“Remember Drake is KNOWN for stealing his homies’ girls,” claims the webloid, which goes on to urge, “Check out the way they’re looking at each other. It almost seems that Ayesha is looking like she’s ready to RISK IT ALL…” And yet the seven-second video posted by the site merely shows Drake walking away from Curry after getting a book signed.

The lifestyle personality was in their shared hometown of Toronto, and he merely stopped by for a quick visit. Friends, you know, do tend to visit each other when in the same city. Furthermore, the pictures posted by MediaFakeOut, which can be seen above and below, simply show Drake giving Curry a half-hug as she sits at a signing booth.

There was no “flirting” going on, nor is it suspicious that pals would have a friendly interaction. It’s also worth noting that the bad blog doesn’t seem to have any idea what was even said between the two during the brief meeting, but the outlet is convinced she was “ready to risk it all.” Please. MTO took a risk by running this silly story, and now the webloid has egg all over its face.


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