Drake is not Angelina Jolie's new "toy boy," despite a late and wrong report that asserts he could become the "daddy" of the actress's six children. Gossip Cop can once again correct this off-base claim that maintains there's a "real possibility" Jolie will "give in" to her kids' wishes to date Drake. The bogus story was first manufactured by an unreliable website and now a tabloid has picked up the untrue tale and embellished it even more.

According to the new issue of the Australian version of OK!, Jolie's oldest two sons "Maddox and Pax keep begging Angelina" to date Drake. Now, maintains the publication from Down Under, "There's a real possibility the humanitarian may just give in." But it's all untrue, and it simply started last month when Drake posted a photo of himself on Instagram sitting alone at a table, along with a caption that jokingly hinted how Jolie "stood me up." And while most outlets took the photo in the humorous vein in which it was intended, HollywoodLife took the opportunity to make up a fake news story about Jolie's kids wanting her to date Drake because it would be "the coolest thing."

But as Gossip Cop previously noted, the original piece by HollywoodLies, as it's known, was a complete fabrication. The claim about Jolie's two oldest sons pushing her to date Drake was made-up. And the quotes from a supposed "source" were also concocted. At the time, a real Jolie insider assured us, "None of it is true."

Shockingly, though, the Australian tabloid took the manufactured HollywoodLies tale and added more phony aspects to it. On its cover, the magazine exclaimed, "OMG! He's In Love," with an arrow pointing to Drake. And under a photo of Jolie and daughter Shiloh (rather than sons Maddox or Pax), the publication wrote, "Ange's Toy Boy: Daddy Drake" (see below).

Of course, Jolie isn't going to date the rapper, and the only joke bigger than Drake's Instagram photo about him being ditched by the actress is OK! itself. In a desperate effort to bolster its fabricated premise about Drake pursuing Jolie, the publication quotes the singer stating in an interview more than a decade ago, "I love older women." Still, Gossip Cop once more fact-checked the story and again we were told in no uncertain terms that it's untrue.

Interestingly, the Aussie magazine makes no mention whatsoever about Jolie and Pitt spending Christmas together, an inaccurate claim made by that same outlet two weeks ago. The tabloid asserted the estranged spouses felt celebrating together was "the best thing they could do for their kids." Much like how that story was 100 percent wrong, its new article about there being a "real possibility" that Drake could become Jolie's "toy boy" is equally false.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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