Dr. Phil: Nick Gordon Was “High As A Kite” For Interview; “I Thought He Could Be Dead In Days” (VIDEO)

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Dr Phil Nick Gordon High

By Daniel Gates |

Dr Phil Nick Gordon High


Dr. Phil says Nick Gordon was “high as a kite” and perhaps days away from death when he sat down last week for an interview that quickly became an intervention. Watch the video below.

It’s been known that Gordon’s meeting with Dr. Phil (also attended by Gordon’s mother) was combative and emotional. As Gossip Cop has reported, the first footage released from the show (which is set to air on Wednesday) shows Gordon shaking and crying over Bobbi Kristina Brown’s medical crisis, as well as Dr. Phil advising Gordon to go to rehab before it’s too late. On Tuesday, the TV host spoke to “Extra” about what happened behind the scenes.

Dr. Phil says he had every intention of having a regular interview with Gordon… until he arrived in Atlanta and was approached by Gordon’s lawyers. “They say listen, we need help, I know you came to do an interview, but he is out of control and we are worried for his life,” recounts Dr. Phil. “We think he will self-destruct, and it was clear to me that all of a sudden this interview became an intervention.”

According to Dr. Phil, Gordon was “so animated and so emotionally out of control. I thought he could be dead in a matter of days if something doesn’t happen.” He says Gordon would run out of the interview every couple of minutes, knocking people out of the way, playing Whitney Houston songs on his phone, throwing the phone to the ground, sobbing and generally acting out of control. “It was total chaos,” says Dr. Phil.

“He was in no condition to do an interview at all,” says the host. “He was high as a kite. He said he was drinking, and he mentioned Xanax.” Dr. Phil says Gordon is “clearly” a danger to himself: “I felt like if we did not get him to a structured and supervised environment I felt like his life was in danger the very day I was speaking to him.” Watch the video below.


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