Dr. Phil Did NOT Ask Josh Duggar And Dad Jim Bob To Take Lie Detector Tests

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Dr. Phil Duggars Lie Detector Test

By Shari Weiss |

Dr. Phil Duggars Lie Detector Test

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Dr. Phil did NOT ask Josh Duggar and his dad Jim Bob to take a lie detector test, despite a report that hit the web this weekend. A rep for the “Dr. Phil” show tells Gossip Cop the story is entirely “false.”

On Saturday, RadarOnline blared, “Tell The Truth! Dr. Phil Challenges Josh Duggar & Jim Bob To Televised Polygraph Test About Molestations — Will They Accept?” In the accompanying article, the webloid alleged Dr. Phil wanted the “admitted child molester and his ’19 Kids & Counting’ dad to take a lie detector test on his daytime talk show.”

“Even though the ‘Dr. Phil’ show is on hiatus, a formal offer was extended to Josh Duggar and Jim Bob, to be guests on the program,” a so-called “show insider” claimed to RadarOnline. “Producers want Josh and Jim Bob to take lie detector tests about the girls he molested as a teenager.” The site went on to allege that Dr. Phil’s “line of questioning would involve the “identity of the victims,” and quoted its supposed source as saying, “Dr. Phil also wants to know if Josh has committed any other acts since he was sent away for counseling.”

But RadarOnline’s “show insider” is either misinformed or made up, because no “formal offer” was ever “extended” to the Duggars. In a statement furnished to Gossip Cop, a spokesman for “Dr. Phil” says, “There is absolutely no truth to the story whatsoever and is completely fabricated by RadarOnline.” Fans eager to hear from Jim Bob will have to wait for Wednesday’s “Kelly File” on Fox News, during which Megyn Kelly will interview him and wife Michelle. Gossip Cop will have full coverage.

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Dr Phil asked Josh Duggar to do a lie detector test about his alleged molestations.


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