Dr. Oz: Donald Trump “Healthy Enough To Be President” – Watch “Today” Show Video

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Dr. Oz Donald Trump Healthy Today Video

By Shari Weiss |

Dr. Oz Donald Trump Healthy Today Video


Donald Trump is “healthy enough to be president,” according to Dr. Oz, who appeared on Thursday’s “Today” show. Watch below.

On Wednesday, Trump taped an episode of the “Dr. Oz” show in which he handed over some of his medical records. They then had a discussion about the Republican nominee’s health in front of the studio audience. The episode is slated to air on Thursday.

During his “Today” appearance, Dr. Oz previewed their conversation and his findings. Of the documents he received, the doctor and TV personality said, “It was a comprehensive summary of a battery of tests. Some occurred last week. Also in that letter was outlined other tests he’s had, traditional screening tests.”

“I invited both candidates, because I know health is a big issue in this campaign, onto the show, and Mr. Trump agreed to come and I was surprised when he produced the documents,” said Dr. Oz, who explained he then grilled Trump on what’s going on with him “head to toe.”

Willie Geist asked Dr. Oz point-blank if Trump is “healthy enough to be president,” and he replied, “The records that I got indicate without question that he’s healthy enough to be president. If I, as a doctor, had a patient like him, I would think good health for a man of his age and I’d send him on his way.”

That said, Dr. Oz acknowledged, “I did not do the tests myself, so I can’t confirm that the data was all right.” He also repeated multiple times that he’d like Hillary Clinton to accept his standing show invite, and defended connecting the presidential election to a daytime talk show. Check out the full video below.


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