Donnie Wahlberg Slams Report He “Walked Out” On Jenny McCarthy

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Donnie Wahlberg Walked Out Jenny McCarthy

By Michael Lewittes |

Donnie Wahlberg Walked Out Jenny McCarthy

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Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg’s marriage is not in “crisis” nor has he “walked out” on her, despite a new report. The rumor was spread this week by one of the tabloids, but it is 100 percent not true. And now Wahlberg himself is slamming the claim.

According to OK!, McCarthy and Wahlberg’s marriage has “turned sour.” The tabloid quotes a so-called friend of Wahlberg’s as saying, “Donnie and Jenny fight constantly; it’s nonstop drama.” The same alleged friend claims McCarthy’s joking around has caused problems for the 14-month marriage. “He’s had it with her refusal to act like a mature, responsible adult. He always tells her to grow up,” says the magazine’s supposed “source.”

The tabloid’s unreliable “source” also claims part of their issues stem from how Wahlberg disciplines McCarthy’s son Evan. The magazine alleges that their differing styles when it comes to disciplining their children (Wahlberg has two sons from a previous marriage) has been adding more problems to their “already precarious relationship.”

Without giving any specifics, the tabloid writes that the couple recently had a “huge fight” over Evan. “Donnie realized there is no talking sense into Jenny, so he just turned around and walked out,” states the magazine’s ill-informed source.

This is all very dramatic and entirely untrue. In fact, Wahlberg himself tweeted, “Heard there was a rumor that I walked out on my wife… Can’t wait to find out where the hell I supposedly went.” What’s more, Wahlberg is celebrating McCarthy’s birthday on Sunday and tweeted, “Happy birthday to my Mrs. I love you so much that 140 characters can only fit a drop of it. #HappyBirthdayJenny.”

Gossip Cop is not surprised that OK! got this wrong. The tabloid has been unsuccessfully trying to push this false narrative for two weeks in a row now. Last week, the magazine claimed Wahlberg and McCarthy’s marriage was “falling apart,” and her rep exclusively assured us it was entirely “untrue.”

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Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy’s marriage is in crisis.


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