Donnie Wahlberg: “I’m Addicted To ‘The Bachelor'”

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Donnie Wahlberg Bachelor

By Andrew Shuster |

Donnie Wahlberg Bachelor

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Donnie Wahlberg admits in a new op-ed that he’s become “addicted to ‘The Bachelor‘” as a result of wife Jenny McCarthy introducing him to the reality dating show.

In a piece for Splash, Wahlberg opens up about his surprising newfound affinity for “the freaking ‘Bachelor.” The New Kids on the Block singer believes it’s “karma” that he knows the cast on a “first-name and character-description basis,” because of all the wives who made their husbands listen to his old boy band. To prove his fandom, Wahlberg goes into detail about “Bachelor” Ben Higgins, as well as some former stars. He also acknowledges, “That may not be something to gloat about.”

“Part of me just wants to chalk this up to the fact that I am a good husband,” Wahlberg says, before adding, “But who am I kidding? I also watch ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ have water-cooler discussions at work about which girl didn’t get a rose… and anxiously await the season finale.”

The actor then calls McCarthy a “truly wonderful wife whom I adore,” which means he’ll “watch whatever she wants me too, and if I become addicted to it and have to be the butt of a few jokes for it, whatever.” Finally, Wahlberg reveals he hopes contestant JoJo will be getting the final rose on Monday’s season finale, and asks fellow diehard fans, “Who are you rooting for?”


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