Citizens Around The World Reveal Opinion Of Donald Trump (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump World Opinion

By Andrew Shuster |

Citizens around the globe were asked to reveal their opinions of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and the world did not hold back! People from numerous countries, including China, Israel, and Russia, opened up about what they think of the controversial figure. Watch the video below!

During a series of on-the-street interviews around the globe, CNN asked various everyday people to finish the sentence, “Donald Trump is…” A man in Hong Kong said the real estate mogul was “a businessman, not a president,” and a woman from Indonesia shared a similar sentiment.

Many people dubbed Trump a “rich man,” including a woman from Israel, who said he was a “very rich person who thinks he can buy the world.” Meanwhile, another Israeli characterized Trump as a “racist and opportunist.” A woman from the U.K. said that the former host of “The Apprentice” was an “entertainer,” while another British man joked that the GOP frontrunner was a “man with a fairly bad haircut.”

The street interviewees were then asked to account for why Trump was leading in the polls and resonating with so many Americans. “He caters to a very basic emotion,” an Israeli man answered, while a woman from Egypt noted, “They’re not listening to what he’s saying… It’s more about who he is.” Meanwhile, a man from Hong Kong speculated that Americans are “tired of those intellectual politicians, so they’re looking for someone fresh.”

Lastly, people were asked to envision how the world might change if Trump were to be elected president of the United States. A man in China said, “America would start having severe international relations problems with other countries. Not just Mexico. Maybe Europe and much of China since he’s always criticizing China.” A woman in Egypt believed Trump’s influence would be “horrible for the Middle East,” while a woman in Indonesia predicted a Trump presidency would lead to “World War III.”

Two separate people from Russia, however, were less critical of the polarizing candidate. One man thought “relations between Russia and the United States will be better” if Trump wins. Another woman said, “He might be a good president for America. They are not satisfied with Obama. Maybe it will be a good change for them.” And finally, an Israeli man joked, “America with Donald Trump would not be very different than America with Donald Duck.”


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