Donald Trump Is Time “Person Of The Year” 2016

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Donald Trump Time Person Of The Year

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Time Person Of The Year


Donald Trump was named the Time “Person of the Year” for 2016. The announcement was made on Wednesday’s “Today” show. It was followed by an interview with Trump himself. Watch below!

In his interview by phone, Trump said that it was a “great honor” to be chosen the “Person of the Year.” He also talked about his choice of Gen. “Mad Dog” Mattis as Defense Secretary, and said he is “fairly close” to making a decision for Secretary of State. He noted that Mitt Romney is very much still in the running. When Matt Lauer asked if he was stringing Romney along as revenge for his comments about Trump during the election, the President-elect said, “It’s not about revenge. It’s about what’s good for the country.”

Lauer also brought up how Trump said he would tone down his Twitter attacks after being elected, but has continued his takedowns of people and shows like “SNL.” The President-elect felt, “I think I am very restrained.” He then again expressed how he thinks Alec Baldwin’s impression is “mean-spirited” and “not very good.” The “Today” show host suggested maybe Trump stop watching “Saturday Night Live.”

They also discussed how Trump has asked President Obama’s advice about potential cabinet appointees. While he wouldn’t get into specifics, the President-elect said, “I take his recommendations very seriously.”

Time has been annually selecting a “Person of the Year,” originally called “Man of the Year,” since 1927. It’s become tradition for the magazine’s cover with the new pick to be unveiled on NBC’s morning show. And this time around was no exception.

The shortlist for the 2016 “Person of the Year” was only revealed on Monday. It included Trump, Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, Mark Zuckerberg Simone Biles, Nigel Farage, CRISPR scientists, the Flint Whistleblowers, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Vladimir Putin, and Narendra Modi. All were chosen by the magazine’s editors, as was the final selection, because they “most influenced the news, for better or for worse,” in 2016.

Readers, however, had the chance to choose their own “Person of the Year” via an online poll. Modi, the prime minister of India, won with 19 percent of the vote. He beat out not just Trump, Clinton and Zuckerberg, but also President Obama and Julian Assange, among others.

As for the magazine’s official “Person of the Year,” recent selections include Angela Merkel (2015), the ebola fighters (2014), Pope Francis (2013), President Obama (2012), the protester (2011) and Zuckerberg (2010). Gossip Cop has video of the 2016 announcement and interview below.

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