Donald Trump DOES Have Right To Use “Dream On,” But Steven Tyler “Appreciates” Him Stopping

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Donald Trump Right Dream On Steven Tyler

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Right Dream On Steven Tyler

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Donald Trump DOES have the right to use Steven Tyler’s “Dream On” for his presidential campaign, but says he will stop out of respect for their friendship. See a statement furnished to Gossip Cop below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Tyler’s lawyer fired off a cease and desist letter to Trump a few days ago, after the Republican candidate allegedly ignored a request to stop using the hit song during campaign stops. Trump’s camp played “Dream On” on at least two separate occasions, and Tyler’s lawyer told Gossip Cop that it was an unauthorized use of Tyler’s music, and infringed on his rights to publicity.

Now Trump himself has proven that’s just not true. The mogul bought the rights to play Tyler’s track during public assemblies, which ostensibly could include his public campaign stops. Trump also says he secured permission for a number of other songs, too, and will use those going forward instead of “Dream On” to avoid tarnishing his longstanding friendship with Tyler.

Tyler’s attorney, Dina LaPolt, now tells Gossip Cop, “Mr. Trump is not wrong here and I am sure Steven will appreciate him not using his songs in connection with his campaign.” But, LaPolt points out, “The issue here is the consent decrees that govern [music licensers] ASCAP and BMI. These consent decrees were enacted by the Department of Justice pre-WWII and have not been updated since before the iPod was developed. They are outdated and do not allow songwriters and music publishers to negotiate in a free market.”

“The Trump organization obtained public performance licenses from both ASCAP and BMI which cannot decline a public performance license even when a songwriter may not approve of the use,” continues LaPolt. “Currently, the DOJ is reviewing these outdated consent decrees. We need songwriters rights.”

In sum: Both Tyler and Trump agree that they are friends, that Trump did secure the rights, and that the candidate will nevertheless not use “Dream On” going forward. But Tyler’s camp is maintaining that the situation was still unfair, because based on current regulations, Tyler could not stop Trump from obtaining the rights, an issue he will continue to fight on behalf of the industry.

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