Donald Trump Has NOT Renamed Black History Month, Despite Report

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Donald Trump Black History Month

By Michael Lewittes |

Donald Trump Black History Month

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President Donald Trump has NOT renamed “Black History Month,” despite yet another factually incorrect article from a site that cuts and pastes other outlet’s stories, regardless of accuracy. Gossip Cop can once again set the record straight. On Tuesday, when President Trump proclaimed February “National African American History Month,” he was simply calling the celebration the same name several other presidents have throughout its 41-year history.

HollywoodLife, a site that’s gained a reputation for publishing falsehoods, begins its latest misfire by exclaiming, “Uh, say what? Did President Donald Trump just fire ‘Black History Month?’” The poorly reported outlet continues, “February has been the time when America celebrates the contributions made by its citizens of color, but after four decades of going by ‘Black History Month,’ Trump reportedly has given the name the boot!” The webloid further exposes its ignorance by writing, “Say good-bye to ‘Black History Month’ and hello to ‘National African American History Month.'” Adds the site that’s prone to fake news stories, “Just like with many of his casinos and hotels, President Donald Trump, 70, has decided to take a pre-existing institution and slap his own branding on it.”

Apparently, HollywoodLies, as it’s often called, seemingly knows as little about history as it does about entertainment reporting. For decades, past presidents have respectfully referred to February as “National African American History Month.” In fact, Gossip Cop has included a few past proclamations about National African American History Month from such presidents as Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton (see below),.

In 2013, President Obama noted, “National African American History Month is a time to tell those stories of freedom won and honor the individuals who wrote them.” “Throughout African American History Month,” stated President Bush in 2008, “we celebrate the many contributions African Americans have made to our Nation, and we are reminded of their courage in their struggles to change the hearts and minds of our citizens.” Meanwhile, President Clinton expressed in 1995, “I urge everyone, during African American History Month and throughout the year, to take up this challenge and learn more about the black Americans who have made this country great.”

Donald Trump Black History Month


Bill Clinton African American History Month


George W Bush African American History Month

(White House)

Barack Obama African American History Month

(White House)

Donald Trump African American History Month

(White House)

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