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President Donald Trump did not make a "major royal faux pas" while meeting Queen Elizabeth on Friday, despite a claim. Gossip Cop can debunk the allegation. It is provably false in multiple ways.

According to this untrue spin from HollywoodLife, the president's visit "went just about as well as you'd expect. Yep, Trump made a royal faux pas!" After arriving with the First Lady, the site asserts that when "they all stood together to listen to the national anthem," Queen Elizabeth's "facial expression turned grim... because Trump messed up, big time." Contends the blog, "Trump made a MAJOR faux pas. As they strolled the grounds to make their way inside the castle, he walked in front of the queen — a big no-no. One must always let the queen lead the way."

To substantiate its narrative, the website includes a random tweet from a Twitter user who posted an image of Trump "blocking the Queen" as they walked outside of Buckingham Palace. But while it's true that he was momentarily in front of her, the outlet's take on what happened is all wrong. As video of President Trump meeting Queen Elizabeth shows, they were not heading "inside the castle," but doing a traditional inspection of the Guard Of Honour.

The footage shows the pair walking over to the group of soldiers, and then the queen indicates for Trump to turn and go in front of her. She literally motioned for him to take the first step, and then after he led off, she followed and eventually ended up next to him a few seconds later. The video (watch on YouTube at the 14:10-mark) makes it clear that the president did nothing out of turn, but was following Queen Elizabeth's own instruction.

Furthermore, even if had Trump had walked in front of her out of his own volition, that still would not have been against any sort of protocol. On the official website for the royal family, it specifically states, "There are no obligatory codes of behaviour when meeting The Queen or a member of the Royal Family." That makes it even clearer that no "royal faux pas" was committed.

But HollywoodLies, as the online publication is often called due to its tendency to spread misinformation, has been rather obsessed with this topic lately. Just two weeks ago, the outlet falsely accused Meghan Markle of breaking royal protocol, and then made-up a story claiming Markle was "in tears" over her (nonexistent) "royal faux pas." If the site really has a "palace insider," as it has alleged, it would've known that the Duchess did nothing wrong, and it also would've been able to learn now that Trump did nothing wrong, either.

Conclusion: HollywoodLife accuses President Trump of committing a "royal faux pas" by briefly walking in front of Queen Elizabeth. The blog incorrectly states when this took place, and fails to mention that it was the queen herself who encouraged him to walk first. Additionally, as stated on the official website for The Royal Household, there is no "obligatory" course of action to take when meeting the queen, or even other members of the family. These "faux pas" claims are entirely false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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