Donald Trump Press Conference Video With Theresa May – WATCH

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Donald Trump Theresa May Video

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Theresa May Video

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Donald Trump had a joint press conference with Theresa May on Friday. Check out the video below.

Trump’s time in front of the media marked his first press conference since he became president. In fact, it was held exactly one week after Inauguration Day. Taking place inside the White House’s East Room, it began with Trump thanking May for being the first visit from a foreign leader during his administration.

Expressing he was “honored” and noting his own mother was from Scotland, Trump said in his prepared remarks, “Today the United States renews its deep bond with Great Britain.” He said the government “pledge[s] our lasting support to this most special relationship.” May said she was “so pleased” to be there, and congratulated Trump on his “stunning election victory.”

She also thanked the president for inviting her so early into his presidency, and passed on the Queen’s invitation for Trump and First Lady Melania to attend a state dinner in the U.K. May noted that Great Britain and the U.S. are in agreement on many subjects, including the future of NATO and economic cooperation. She further vowed that both governments will fulfill the promise of “freedom and prosperity for all the people of our respective countries.”

The first question was about Trump’s upcoming call with Vladimir Putin and the sanctions against Russia. He reiterated his calls for a “great relationship with Russia and with China and all countries,” insisting it would be a “positive, not a negative.” For her part, the prime minister said she was still in favor of sanctions over Crimea and other issues.

In the second question, May was asked where she “disagrees” with Trump, and the president was asked about his anti-abortion stance and his approval of enhanced torture techniques. He was obviously not pleased with the query, and cracked, “There goes that relationship.” May circumvented her part of the question by answering in generalities and reiterating that she and Trump agreed on much.

For the third question, Trump was asked about his phone call this morning with the president of Mexico, and May was asked if she’s “concerned” about relations between the two countries. “I think the prime minister has more things she’s concerned about,” Trump answered for her, and May declined to comment further.

During the fourth and final question, Trump and May were asked how they’d get along since they seem so different, prompting the president to insist, “I’m not as brash as you might think.” The journalist also asked how Trump’s support for Brexit and NATO can be trusted when he changes his stances on issues. He responded by arguing that he correctly predicted the Brexit vote, and said it’ll “go down as a fantastic thing for the United Kingdom.”

After that, the press conference ended. Watch the full video below.

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