Donald Trump Press Conference Live Stream: Watch Online

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Donald Trump Press Conference Live Stream

By Andrew Shuster |

Donald Trump Press Conference Live Stream

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Donald Trump will hold his first press conference since winning the presidential election on Wednesday morning from Trump Tower in New York City. Gossip Cop has a live stream available online. Watch it below.

This marks the president-elect’s first press conference since July after having canceled one scheduled for last month. Trump announced the event last week saying he would be taking general questions about his upcoming presidency, but that was before the latest news broke about his alleged ties to Russia. On Tuesday night, BuzzFeed published memos from a former British intelligence operative that claim Russia assisted Trump during the election.

The documents also allege that Russia has compromising information on Trump, including evidence about alleged sexual misconduct. These reports, however, are unverified and were previously released to a handful of other news outlets that chose not to publish them because their validity is questionable. Trump denied all of the claims, tweeting, “FAKE NEWS – A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!”

The president-elect later added, “Russia just said the unverified report paid for by political opponents is ‘A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FABRICATION, UTTER NONSENSE.’ Very unfair! Russia has never tried to use leverage over me. I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA – NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!” Trump continued, “I win an election easily, a great ‘movement’ is verified, and crooked opponents try to belittle our victory with FAKE NEWS. A sorry state! Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to ‘leak’ into the public. One last shot at me. Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

Trump will presumably answer more questions pertaining to the controversy during his press conference, which begins at 11 a.m. Watch the live stream below. **The stream is now over. Click to watch video of Trump’s press conference. Click to see celebrity reaction to the press conference.

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