No, Donald Trump was not photographed wearing "adult diapers," contrary to a purely speculative and distasteful report about the president of the United States. A certain webloid took the time to peddle this ridiculousness, and now Gossip Cop is going to take the time to call it out. There's actually a rather big inaccuracy in this insane story.

MediaTakeOut is blaring on Friday, "MAKE AMERICA 'PIZZ' AGAIN!! Donald Trump Is Photo'd Out... And It Appears... That He Is Wearing ADULT DIAPERS!!! (Does The PREZ... Pee The Bed??)" The accompanying article says, "Trump was photo'd playing tennis the other day. And it appears that he is wearing either some EXTREMELY big drawers - or adult diapers. Trump is 71 years old, the oldest president in U.S history. Either way, he looks CRAZY!!"

Actually, it seems MediaFakeOut is the crazy one. Trump was not "photo'd playing tennis the other day." The picture the site is using is actually 17 years old. It was taken on February 13, 2000 as Trump, then a mogul and far from becoming president, played during a tournament at Mar-a-Lago. That was nearly two decades ago.

MTO is trying to pass off a picture from two decades ago for a mean-spirited, mocking post about the kind of underwear preferred by America's commander-in-chief. And in a sentence Gossip Cop never thought we'd write, we can say it's quite apparent from the photo in question that Trump is not wearing "adult diapers," but the lining of his briefs are visible through the somewhat see-through nature of his shorts.

It's bizarre that the outlet connected what appears to be normal underwear to Trump peeing the bed at night, but all the more ridiculous is that this was a topic for a story at all. And then on top of that, it's even more absurd when you consider the online publication's sole basis for this tale is a 17-year-old photo that it is trying to pass off as current. Gossip Cop doesn't always agree with Trump when he labels things "fake news," but this tale most certainly qualifies. If so inclined, click to see the photo.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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