Donald Trump Claims National Enquirer Is “Respected,” Gossip Cop Disagrees

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Donald Trump National Enquirer

By Gossip Cop Staff |

(National Enquirer)

Donald Trump said in a press conference on Friday the National Enquirer is “respected,” but we at Gossip Cop respectfully disagree. While the supermarket tabloid has seemingly spent its money well buying some noteworthy exclusives, the magazine is not universally “respected.”

Since Trump announced his candidacy, for example, the tabloid has published a surreptitiously taken and wholly unsanctioned photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown in her deathbed. The magazine also recently published fake photo recreations of Prince’s death at Paisley Park. And in an odd colliding of Republican and Democratic politics, with a particular nod to the Clintons, the outlet published a completely fabricated tale about Caitlyn Jenner pursuing a “romantic relationship” with Monica Lewinsky.


To be sure, the Enquirer nailed former senator and presidential candidate John Edwards for having a secret love child with Rielle Hunter, as his wife Elizabeth was dying of cancer. That was a big score. But what about all the other false and possibly fabricated tales the tabloid tells?

With still more than five months to the end of this year, Gossip Cop has already debunked 158 of the tabloid’s stories. In May alone, Gossip Cop corrected 27 Enquirer reports. Among the gems from that month were that Angelina Jolie was “dying,” George Clooney and Julia Roberts were “caught cheating,” Rihanna was pregnant with Leonardo DiCaprio’s “baby,” Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were “caught on film” having sex in Cuba, and Tom Cruise believed his daughter Suri was possessed by an “evil spirit.”


Notwithstanding the Edwards story, the Enquirer doesn’t have such a stellar record when it comes to accurately reporting about politics. Gossip Cop busted the outlet this time last year for falsely claiming that Angelina Jolie was close to becoming Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential running mate. We also debunked an Enquirer report that wrongly claimed President Obama was desperate to get George Clooney to run for office. And a couple of months ago, Gossip Cop corrected the tabloid for absurdly alleging Michelle Obama and Morgan Freeman were “flirting,” sending President Obama into a “rage.”

Of course, it’s not exactly surprising that the Republican presidential nominee feels the Enquirer should be “respected.” The cover of this week’s tabloid reads, “How Trump Will Win!” And inside the magazine, it boasts about his “7-Step Plan To Destroy Hillary” (see above).

So, until the Enquirer stops providing Gossip Cop with a seemingly endless supply of false stories to bust, we will respectfully disagree with the Republican presidential nominee that the supermarket tabloid is “respected.” Even with its checkbook journalism, the tabloid hasn’t been able to buy respect. Respect is earned. And as a businessman, Donald Trump should know that.

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