Donald Trump Live Mean Tweets ‘SNL’ Sketch – WATCH VIDEO

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Donald Trump Live tweet SNL1

By Michael Lewittes |

Donald Trump Live tweet SNL1


Donald Trump live (mean) tweeted a sketch in which he wasn’t in on “SNL.” Trump introduced the skit by saying he was too busy to be in it, so he was going to do the next best thing, which was live tweet it. And the result was pretty funny. Watch the video below.

In the sketch, Taran Killam and Cecily Strong play a couple having dinner in a restaurant on the last night of their honeymoon in Italy. After Killam makes a joke about having to return to their home in Cleveland, a tweet from Trump popped up on screen that read, “This sketch is not funny. @TaranKillam is a dumb loser.” Cecily Strong then delivered a line about them being at the “most romantic restaurant in the city,” to which another Trump tweet read, “Cecily Strong is not a nice person.”

Next, Kate McKinnon, who played one of the restaurant’s owners, welcomed Killam and Strong to the eatery, prompting a tweet from Trump that said, “Kate McKinnon was born stupid.” That was followed up by a Trump tweet that popped up and noted, “I love SNL. SNL loves me. But everyone in the sketch is a total loser who can bite my dust.”

Kenan Thompson starred as McKinnon’s husband and the restaurant’s chef. After he came to Strong and Killam’s table to tell them about the evening’s special, Trump’s tweet said, “An extremely credible source just told me that Kenan Thompson’s birth certificate is a fraud.” That was immediately follow up with another tweet that read, “Sorry folks, but add a ‘y’ to ‘Kenan’ and you get ‘Kenyan.'”

Trump further called Vanessa Beyer, who was a little boy in the sketch, “an average talent and a total loser.” He continued to tweet, “@VanessaBeyer is a lazy performer and should be deported.” The only cast member Trump seemed to like was Leslie Jones. He explained in a tweet that popped up, “I love the blacks.”

Check out the video below of Donald Trump live (mean) tweeting an “SNL” sketch he wasn’t in, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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