Donald Trump Jr. Responds To Jimmy Fallon Mocking Photoshoot

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Donald Trump Jr Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show Joke

By Holly Nicol |

Donald Trump Jr. responded to Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday after the comedian poked fun at his recent New York Times photoshoot. During Monday’s “Tonight Show,” Fallon ridiculed Trump Jr.’s photoshoot for the newspaper, which featured the First Son bizarrely sitting on top of a tree stump in the woods.

“Donald Trump Jr. is being mocked online for an odd photoshoot he did with The New York Times,” said Fallon. The talk show host continued, “A lot of people have been making fun of Donald Jr., but the good news is, it’s led to a new business opportunity for him.” Fallon then unveiled a satirical clip, hilariously glorifying tree stumps as a new way of sitting.

As photos of Trump Jr. and others flashed across the screen, a narrator quipped during the parody video, “Are you tired of boring old chairs? Does sitting inside have you down? Do you wish there was another way? There is! Introducing the Trump Stump.”

“Now this is funny,” Trump Jr. tweeted Tuesday morning, clearly impressed with Fallon’s unbiased political joke. “Well done @jimmyfallon for poking some well deserved fun without being vicious & pushing a political agenda! More of this!” In addition to the tweet, the president’s eldest child also linked to a video of Fallon’s opening monologue in which he mocks the “odd” photoshoot (below).

As Gossip Cop reported, Fallon was slammed in October for having Donald Trump on the show during the 2016 presidential campaign. His appearance on the “Tonight Show” prompted a major backlash from those who thought it was wrong of the talk show host to have Trump on the show due to his controversial behavior during the campaign, with many people arguing that Fallon essentially condoned his actions by doing a softball interview with the GOP presidential nominee.

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