Donald Trump ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Video 2016 – Watch Full Interview!

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Donald Trump Jimmy Kimmel Video 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Jimmy Kimmel Video 2016


Donald Trump appeared on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to discuss his ongoing campaign for president, as well as Kimmel’s own (pretend) run for vice president. Check out the video below!

Trump last appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel” in December, discussing everything from the Republican debates to his stance on Muslims and immigration. In the time since, Kimmel has devoted a substantial amount of his show to mocking the GOP frontrunner, and has even repeatedly used him as the inspiration for “Lie Witness News” bits, including a new one on Wednesday. Still, Trump agreed to come back on the late-night show, probably in part because the California primary is less than two weeks away.

In his opening monologue, Kimmel said of Trump being the episode’s guest, “Tonight, those of you watching at home will have the rare opportunity to see Donald Trump on television. Trump is here in Hollywood, and I thought this was interesting — he has promised to make Hollywood Boulevard great again, by building a wall around Bill Cosby’s star on the Walk of Fame. And Guillermo is gonna pay for it!”

When Trump eventually came out, the two discussed the presumptive nominee’s Democratic rivals, the nicknames he gives his opponents, and plans to pick a running mate. Kimmel also read aloud Winners Still Aren’t Losers, the sequel to the (mock) children’s book, Winners Aren’t Losers. The TV host amusingly ghost-wrote both installments on Trump’s behalf.

Trump taped his new “Kimmel” appearance earlier Wednesday, and a small protest actually formed outside the show’s Hollywood studio, where the detractors shouted negative comments about the mogul, and even complained about Kimmel having him as a guest. Strikingly, though, the show’s musical guests, The Weeknd and Belly, canceled their performance, citing they didn’t want to share the same stage as Trump. Gossip Cop has video of the full interview below!

NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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