Donald Trump, Jimmy Fallon Video: Watch “Tonight Show” Interview

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Donald Trump Jimmy Fallon Video September 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Jimmy Fallon Video September 2016

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Donald Trump appeared on Thursday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” The two discussed the upcoming debate, the latest polls, Vladimir Putin, and why he likes fast food. Also, Fallon again gave Trump a job interview about why he wants to be president and even touched the GOP presidential nominee’s hair. Watch the video below!

Fallon began by saying, “It’s getting real,” to which Trump responded that it has been an honor running for president. He then said, if asked, he would tell kids the reason one seeks the highest office in the land is “because you want to help people.”

Trump felt that his business background has helped him, pointing out that he spent less money on the primaries than the other candidates, and did better than them. He added that he similarly wants to run the country by spending less and have Americans doing better. About the polls and his latest surge, the GOP presidential nominee said, “I love the polls.” He added, however, “If I’m losing or lagging, I don’t mention the polls.” And when Fallon brought up how he often says “shocking things,” Trump expressed that he’s trying to make fewer questionable remarks.

Fallon and Trump also discussed the upcoming debate on September 26. Trump noted he enjoys them, and is looking forward to sparring with Hillary Clinton. About Vladimir Putin, the candidate pointed out that contrary to the popular belief that they’re being friends, Trump revealed, “I don’t even know him.” He also explained why he likes fast food like Wendy’s and McDonald’s. Trump joked that he knows what he’s getting at those joints, but if he orders a burger from a restaurant, and the owner doesn’t like him, Trump doesn’t know what he’s being served.

After that, Fallon once again gave Trump a job interview. In rapid succession, the talk show host asked the presidential candidate: Why do you think you would excel at this job? How would your co-workers describe you? What do you like to do outside work? Do you have any hobbies? Why do want to leave your current job? And what would you do if you didn’t get the job?

At the end of the chat, Fallon asked if he could mess up Trump’s infamous hair. “I’ll be gentle,” the host promised, and Trump agreed, but not before saying, “So long as the people in New Hampshire, where I’m going to be in an hour or so, I hope they understand.” And with that, Fallon put his hand through Trump’s hair… and then messed up his own, too.

This marked Trump’s third appearance on the “Tonight Show” since he announced he was running for president. His first visit was almost exactly a year ago, which was when Trump and Fallon did their “mirror” sketch. The Republican nominee then returned this past January, with Fallon giving Trump a mock job interview Check out the video below of Trump’s latest appearance on the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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