Donald Trump Jimmy Fallon Video 2016: Presidential Candidate Has Job Interview On “Tonight Show”

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Donald Trump Jimmy Fallon Video

By Andrew Shuster |

Donald Trump Jimmy Fallon Video

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Donald Trump appeared on Monday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” during which the Republican presidential frontrunner talked about the Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, as well as answered questions during a mock job interview with the talk show host. See the video below.

Fallon began by asking Trump what he would do if he won the $1.3 billion Powerball drawing, and the presidential candidate said he would give all the money to military vets. After that, Trump explained that he’s the frontrunner because his campaign has been working hard to “make America great” again.

From there the conversation turned to the real estate mogul’s controversial remarks about Muslims. He reiterated that his ban would be “temporary” until it’s figured out why there’s so much “hatred” toward the West, pointing to the attacks in Paris, San Berardino, and the World Trade Center, among other places. Trump acknowledged that he knew his comments would be controversial, but said a lot of people agree with him because they want a safe and strong America.

Fallon next asked about President Obama crying while discussing his executive order to enforce stricter gun control. Trump expressed that he thought the tears were real, but said he disagrees with the president and feels the Second Amendment needs to be protected. The “Tonight Show” host asked if Trump ever cries, and he said he did when he was 1-years-old.

The conversation then turned to Hillary Clinton. Trump said Clinton’s having a tougher time than people expected with Bernie Sanders, who’s tied with her in Iowa and is leading her in polls in New Hampshire. After noting that Sanders is a “socialist,” the GOP frontrunner said anything could happen, but he thinks Clinton will ultimately beat Sanders for the Democratic nomination. About her husband, Bill, Trump said the former president is a “charming guy.”

Trump also dismissed a bizarre theory that he’s running so the Democrats can ensure a win for Clinton. He also discussed how he’s drawing huge crowds at events, as well as how he’s done at the debates. The real estate mogul said he had never done any before, but feels he’s well prepared and now enjoys debating. Trump talked, as well, to Fallon about his polls.

After that, Fallon conducted a mock job interview with Trump, asking him first, “How did you hear about position?” That was followed by the talk-show host asking Trump to tell a little about himself. Trump noted that he’s “extraordinarily handsome,” has a “beautiful head of hair,” and has “always worked hard” and was a “good student.”

When questioned why he wants to be president during the job interview, Trump noted again how he would like to “make America great again.” He also said his “strengths” include “bringing people together,” whether it’s Democrats or Conservatives. As for his weaknesses, Trump said, “I never forget.” And when questioned whether he would be willing to relocate for the job, Trump answered, “I love the White House.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump previously visited the “Tonight Show” a mere four months ago, during which time he discussed the September 11th attacks, immigration, the Republican debates, his popularity, and his competition, among many other topics. During his September appearance, Trump also participated in a funny sketch in which he had a conversation in a dressing room mirror with “himself,” played by Fallon.

Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, will appear on “The Tonight Show” on Thursday, the same night as the next GOP debate. Check out the video below of Trump’s new Fallon interview.


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