WATCH: Donald Trump, Jimmy Fallon ‘Tonight Show’ Interview (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump Jimmy Fallon

By Michael Lewittes |

Donald Trump Jimmy Fallon


Donald Trump sat down with Jimmy Fallon for an interview on Friday’s “Tonight Show,” following his dressing room “Mirror” sketch and discussed what September 11th means to him, why he’s so popular, immigration, FOX’s Republican debate, and Hillary Clinton, among other topics. Watch the video below.

Fallon began by asking Trump about September 11th, and the presidential candidate said it meant “strength” and “resilience” to him, noting how New York City and the country came back from it. He then responded to being answered about his popularity by explaining, people are “tired of being ripped off” and “I’m efficient,” having “built a great company.” He added that it’s time America becomes “rich and great again.”

Trump also said Americans want to be “respected again,” they’re tired of being “scoffed” at, and they want someone to make “great deals.” He also discussed how our vets need to be cared for better.

Trump said ideally he would like the U.S. to be like other countries, where elections can be called early when people are dissatisfied with their government. As for Hillary Clinton, Trump expressed, “She’s in a lot of trouble.” The presidential candidate also said FOX should have paid him for his appearance at the Republican debate since he got the cable network 22 million viewers.

Fallon then asked Trump if he’s ever apologized in his life. Trump said, “Apologizing is great, but you have to be wrong to apologize.” As for immigration, the Republican candidate said he wants to build a wall at the Mexican border, adding, “We may build it with immigrant labor” and call it “the Trump Wall.”

And when Fallon suggested that the real estate mogul turned politician’s song should be DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win,” Trump said, “Honestly that’s true.”

Check out the ‘Tonight Show” video below of Donald Trump talking with Jimmy Fallon about September 11th, his popularity, immigration and more about running for president.


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