WATCH: Donald Trump Mirror Sketch On ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump Jimmy Fallon Mirror

By Michael Lewittes |

Donald Trump Jimmy Fallon Mirror


Donald Trump had a conversation in the mirror with himself, played by Jimmy Fallon in a match suit, tie and blond wig, before being interviewed on the “Tonight Show.” During his dressing room talk in the mirror to prep for his talk-show interview, Trump says he himself looks “fantastic,” as well as discusses what he’s going to do about the economy, the Mexican border and whether he’ll tap Gary Busey or Kanye West as his Vice President. Watch the video below.

The sketch began with Fallon in a dressing filled with identical photos of Trump telling someone on the phone, “I’m about to go out for my interview with Jimmy Fallon. I’ll call you back after I comb my hair,” adding, “Talk to you in 3 hours.” Then after noting, “Wow, I look fantastic,” the real Trump says, “No, we look fantastic.” Next, Fallon’s “Trump” says, “We’ve got a big interview with Jimmy Fallon coming up. But let’s be honest, Fallon’s a lightweight. No way he deserves to interview me. The only one qualified to interview me is me,” to which Trump ponders, “Me interviewing me. That’s a great idea.”

From there, Fallon’s “Trump” brings up how next week there’s a”huuuuuge” Republican debate and asks a series of questions of “himself,” including, “How are you gonna create jobs in this country?” and how he plans to “get Mexico to build a wall at the border.” Fallon’s “Trump” responds, “Easy. I’ll challenge them to the biggest game of Jenga ever… And then when they finish, I’ll say, ‘I don’t wanna play anymore!'”

After going over how Trump wants to lower taxes for the middle class, he further answers how he plans to help the economy. In typical Trump humility, he tells his mirror image, “Look, I’m really rich. I know how to run a business, and I know how to run this country. So here’s what I’ll do: First, we have to cut government spending. It’s out of control. Then, we gotta lower corporate taxes. It’s become impossible to do business here. We’ve got companies shipping thousands of jobs overseas, and that has to end.”

Fallon’s “Trump” then apologizes for having not listened because, as he says, “I was too busy staring at my beautiful reflection. I’m like a Greek God that just took a bath in a Pumpkin Spice Latte.” He then says he has “one last question” for himself, which is, “If you win, is your Vice President gonna be Gary Busey” to which the real Trump replies, “Look, I love Gary. He’s fantastic… more of a Supreme Court Justice kinda guy. Vice President is a serious job. So I’ll probably go with Kanye West.”

And with that, Fallon’s “Trump” notes it’s time to get out of the dressing room and “talk to that dopey goofball Jimmy Fallon, and give him the biggest ratings his pathetic show has ever seen.” When he asks, “How do you think it’s gonna go?” both Trumps exclaim, “It’s gonna be huuuuuuuuuge.”

Check out the ‘Tonight Show” video below of “Trump In the Mirror,” featuring the real Donald Trump and Jimmy Fallon playing him, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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