Donald Trump: ‘Howard Stern Show’ Appearances Wrong For Presidential Run

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Donald Trump Howard Stern President

By Andrew Shuster |

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Donald Trump acknowledges in a new interview he regrets some of the off-color comments he’s made during appearances on “The Howard Stern Show” over the years, and “wouldn’t have gone on” the radio show if he knew he’d be running for president one day.

The Republican presidential nominee has been a frequent guest on Stern’s radio show over the past 15 years, and never hesitated to boast about his sex life and rate women’s looks on a scale from 1 to 10. But in a new interview with The Washington Post, Trump says that although he and Stern “had great moments” on the air, some of his bawdier remarks are regrettable. The real estate mogul insists that if it were possible, he’d either take back his lewd comments “or I wouldn’t have gone on the show because that is the easier way of doing it.”

But Trump does go on to express his admiration for Stern, calling the shock jock “a really good guy and a very different guy when you take the radio microphone away.” The presidential candidate’s newfound restraint, at least in terms of talking about sex and women, was apparent when he called into Stern’s show last fall. When asked to rate the looks of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, Trump said, “In the old days, I wouldn’t have minded answering that question. Today, I will take a pass.”


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