Donald Trump First Day In Office: Jimmy Kimmel “Lie Witness News” Video

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Donald Trump First Day Office Jimmy Kimmel

By Michael Lewittes |

Donald Trump First Day Office Jimmy Kimmel


Jimmy Kimmel fooled people on Hollywood Boulevard into discussing Donald Trump’s first day in office, even though it was a full day before he was sworn in. Still, pedestrians in Los Angeles had no problem responding to fake questions about Trump supposedly installing a stripper pole in the Oval of Office, bulldozing Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden, and setting fire to the Constitution. See Kimmel’s “Donald Trump’s First Day In Office” edition of “Lie Witness News” in the video below.

Kimmel introduced the segment on Thursday night by asking the audience if there was anyone who didn’t know Trump’s inauguration was on Friday. And apparently everyone at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” knew he was being sworn in as president the next day. But that wasn’t the case on the streets of L.A. The talk show host noted they asked people how “Trump was doing in his first day in office. Of course first day in office isn’t until tomorrow, but that didn’t stop anyone from weighing in on this.”

The first guy who was asked about Trump’s first day in office, answered, “I think he’s done well. I’m going to give him a fair chance.” That was followed up with a question about Trump supposedly announcing he was going to “only hire staffers who are a 9 or above,” which the man on the street didn’t have a problem with.

Another guy was asked about Trump installing a stripper poll in the Oval Office. “If you want to have a stripper pole,” he said trailing off, before adding, “Nixon I think had a bowling alley.” Another man said he was “horrified” by the stripper pole. That same guy thought it was “absurd” for Trump to walk into the White House, turn around, and “flip two middle fingers.” He claimed he watched the obscene gesture with family and friends, who were similarly “shocked.”

When a woman was questioned whether she thought it a cool move by Trump to bulldoze Michelle Obama’s vegetable garden, she said, “Yeah, I do.” The woman added, “Out with the old. In with the new.” A young man from Alabama, when pressed about Trump setting fire to the Constitution, expressed that people are trying to “depict Trump in a negative fashion,” which he felt was the “last thing we need to,” and instead offered that we should “support our president.

And when the last person was asked for his opinion of Trump pardoning himself on his first day in office, the guy gave a long nonsensical response that he hopes the new president’s supposed moves are “destroying people’s faith in the system, because I’m all for that.” Watch Kimmel’s new “Lie Witness News” about Donald Trump’s first day in office in the video below.

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