Donald Trump Contacts FBI After Death Threat From El Chapo’s Alleged Son (EXCLUSIVE DETAILS)

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Donald Trump FBI Death Threat El Chapo

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump FBI Death Threat El Chapo

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Donald Trump has contacted the FBI after receiving a death threat allegedly sent by the son of escaped Mexican drug lord El Chapo, Gossip Cop confirms.

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera disappeared from the maximum-security Altiplano Federal Prison on Saturday, launching a massive manhunt to find the convicted drug offender. El Chapo previously escaped in 2001, and was only recaptured last year. He is considered a serious danger, and it’s possible Trump is one of his tartgets.

A Twitter account allegedly belonging to El Chapo’s son sent a tweet in Spanish, threatening the presidential candidate over the comments he’s made about Mexico and Mexican immigrants. Translated into English, the message reads, “Keep f*cking around and I’m gonna make you swallow your bitch words you f*cking whitey milksh*tter.” Screengrabs of some of the messages can be seen below.

A Trump staffer exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “This is no joke.” The employee confirms Trump and his camp are in touch with the FBI regarding the threat, which is being taken quite seriously considering El Chapo is said to be responsible for tens of thousands of deaths related to his drug-trafficking organization.

Trump has been under fire ever since his speech declaring he’s running for president. As Gossip Cop reported, the mogul said most Mexicans are “rapists” and “criminals.” The remarks have been widely condemned, and Trump has lost a number of business deals as a result, but he is still standing by the comments. Gossip Cop will have updates.

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