Donald Trump Accepts Endorsement From Serial Cheater And Nazi Enthusiast Jesse James

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Jesse James Endorses Donald Trump

By Andrew Shuster |

Jesse James Endorses Donald Trump


Donald Trump accepted the endorsement on Tuesday of Jesse James, the motorcycle builder who cheated on Sandra Bullock throughout their marriage and posed in Nazi regalia while giving the “Heil Hitler” salute. James threw his support behind the Republican presidential candidate based on his experience as a contestant on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

The controversial James penned an open letter on Facebook to throw his support behind the candidate, who he got to know personally when he was a contestant on the NBC reality show in 2009. In his statement, James notes, “What I saw was a person that treated everyone with respect. Even the (Hispanic) guys in the mail room.”

Of his time on “Celebrity Apprentice,” James says, “I made it all the way to the top 3 and when I was let go Donald Trump stood up and shook my hand and said ‘Great Job Jesse.'” He adds, “Now I know that a lot of you will think that is some dumb reality TV show, not real life…and especially Not the presidency.” But, he goes on to argue, “The majority of the Anti-Trumps are basing their opinion of him on sound bites from that very same Reality TV Show… Nobody wants to watch somebody be a nice guy, they want to see him say ‘Your FIRED!'”

James then insists, “What I personally observed is a man that is perfect[ly] suited to run this country.” He ends his letter by expressing, “One thing you know about me is Good or bad I will always tell it like it is. This guy is the Real Deal, and will Make America Great Again.”

Shortly after James posted his support on Facebook, Trump tweeted to the motorcyclist, “Just read your complete statement. You are an amazing guy & I really appreciate your words & support. I will see you soon!” James wrote back, “Yes Sir! Look forward to whipping this place into shape!”


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