Donald Trump Debate Video: Watch Highlights From Third GOP Debate

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Donald Trump Third GOP Debate Video

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Third GOP Debate Video

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Donald Trump participated in his third GOP presidential debate on Wednesday, and he was as controversial as ever. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the Republican debate was being held in Boulder, with Trump facing off against nine other candidates. Each had the opportunity to begin by revealing their biggest weakness, and Trump shared, “I trust people too much. I’m too trusting, and when they let me down, if they let me down, I never forgive. I find it very very hard to forgive people who deceive me.”

Trump then received the first personal question, getting asked, “Let’s be honest: Is this a comic-book version of a presidential campaign?” The candidate responded that it wasn’t a “very nicely” phrased query, and stood by the tenets of his platform, such as building a wall at the Mexican border. He and moderator John Harwood then repeatedly spoke over each other, setting a nasty tone just minutes into the proceedings.

Trump later turned his focus to John Kasich, after the Ohio governor slammed him. “His poll numbers tanked, and that’s why he’s on the end,” said the mogul. “And he got nasty.” But Trump had to sit on the sidelines for the next 30 or so minutes, though, as the spotlight shone on the other candidates… for better and for worse.

The next question the former “Celebrity Apprentice” host faced was about his business bankruptcies, and he stressed that many entrepreneurs “use the chapter laws to their own benefit.” He went on to point out his success with his filings, and his personal net worth. “Boy, am I good at solving debt problems,” insisted Trump. “Nobody can solve them like me.”

Later, Trump denied being hard on immigration comments previously made by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and called out the fact-checking process. He used the opportunity to entirely change topics, telling the crowd, “And if I could say just one thing, I’m the only person in either campaign that’s self-funding.” But the moderators brought the subject back up later on, prompting the contender to declare, “I’m in favor of people coming into this country legally.”

He went on to point out that he’s created “10,000” jobs over the years, adding, “With all due respect, and some of these folks I really like a lot, but I’m the only one [on stage] who can say that.” Trump was next asked about his stance on gun control, with it being noted he has a permit to carry. “I do carry on occasion. Sometimes a lot. I like to be unpredictable, so people don’t know if I’m carrying,” responded Trump, further saying, “I think gun-free zones are a catastrophe. They are a feeding frenzy for sickos.”

Trump and Mike Huckabee later bonded when the moderators tried to pit them against each other. “I love Donald Trump. He’s a great guy. I’m wearing a Trump tie tonight. Get over that one,” the governor said of his GOP competitor. He even declared, “Trump would be a better president every day of the week and twice on Sundays than Hillary Clinton.” For his part, Trump thanked his rival, and called the CNBC host’s question “nasty.”

In his closing remarks, Trump began, “Our country doesn’t win anymore. We used to win. We don’t win anymore. We lose on trade. We lose with ISIS. We learn with one of the worst deals negotiated of any kind,t hat’s our recent catastrophe with Iran. We don’t win.” As an example of his negotiation skills, Trump pointed out that he, with the help of rival Ben Carson, got CNBC to cut the down the length of the debate. “And I’ll do that with the country,” he said. “We will make America great again. And thank you, everybody.”

Check out video of all of Trump’s debate highlights below. TELL US: How do you think he did this time? Note: Video no longer available.


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