Donald Trump Congress Speech Live Stream: Watch President Address Online

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Donald Trump Congress Speech Live Stream

By Andrew Shuster |

Donald Trump Congress Speech Live Stream

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President Donald Trump will make his first address to Congress on Tuesday night, and Gossip Cop has a live stream available online. Watch the speech below.

It’s customary for presidents to give a major address to the American people and congressional leaders around a month into their administration, but Trump’s speech is not being referred to as a traditional State of the Union address. Instead, it’s simply being described as a speech to a joint session of Congress, which includes the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Trump has a number of guests accompanying him to his speech, which will be delivered from the Capitol in Washington D.C., including Maureen McCarthy Scalia, the widow of Justice Scalia. He’s also invited a number of families whose loved ones were killed by undocumented immigrants. The president is also expected to discuss his agenda going forward, including how he plans to unite the country and his vision to improve all aspects of society.

Trump’s speech will be followed by a response from former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, a supporter of Obamacare, who will likely try to persuade Congress to keep the Affordable Care Act that the president wants to repeal. President Trump’s speech to Congress will begin at 9:10 p.m. ET. Watch it in the live stream below.

UPDATE: The live stream is now over. Click to watch Trump’s speech and see celebrity reaction.

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