Church Lady Grills Donald Trump And “Satan” Ted Cruz On ‘SNL’ – WATCH VIDEO

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Church Lady Donald Trump

By Michael Lewittes |

Church Lady Donald Trump


“SNL” brought Church Lady back to talk to Donald Trump and his former opponent Ted Cruz, who she noted was “Satan.” But before Church Lady (Dana Carvey) discussed the upcoming election between “a godless liberal Democrat and Hillary Clinton,” she discussed the very un-Christian-like outfits worn at the Met Gala and Beyonce’s album Lemonade. Watch the video below of Church Lady grilling her guests, Trump and Cruz, on this week’s “Saturday Night Live.”

In introducing Cruz, Church Lady said her guest was someone she’s “talked quite a bit about here on ‘Church Chat,’ but we’ve never actually met face-to face. Please welcome Satan.” When Cruz expressed that it was God’s will that he lost the Republican race, Church Lady voiced her doubt that God wanted him to lose to an “orange mannequin.” Cruz said he next plans on “turning evil,” noting that so many people have “told me to go to hell, it’s time to check it out.”

Church Lady’s next guest was Trump, who claimed, “I’m a big church guy… Sometimes I go even when it’s not church day.” He attempted to quote scripture by saying, “Love thy neighbor as thyself, and like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” Trump then brought out his wife Melania, daughter Ivanka, and a woman he introduced as “just another model… great energy to have around.” Church Lady asked Trump if he’s chosen a vice presidential running mate, adding that maybe it could be “someone like, Satan,” prompting a more Satanic-looking Cruz to come back out.

Church Lady naturally squeezed in her tag line, “Isn’t that special” during the sketch. Check out the video below of Church Lady interviewing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz on “Saturday Night Live.”


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