Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice: Will It Air During Presidential Campaign?

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Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice Presidential Campaign

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice Presidential Campaign

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Donald Trump’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” reportedly will NOT air during his presidential campaign. NBC, however, has not confirmed any future plans one way or the other, and says in a statement, “We will re-evaluate Trump’s role as host of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ should it become necessary, as we are committed to this franchise.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump announced on Tuesday that he is running for president in the 2016 election. He was introduced by daughter Ivanka Trump, and joined at the press conference by his whole family, including sons Don and Eric. The trio of kids appeared with their famous father on the most recent season of “Celebrity Apprentice,” which aired earlier this year. (See photo above with winner Leeza Gibbons.)

It was announced at the end of the run in February that the NBC competition series had been renewed for another season, the 15th for the “Apprentice” franchise, and the eighth for the “Celebrity” edition. But now that Trump is a presidential candidate, NBC will likely be unable to proceed with the new season in its typical format. Media laws require networks to give equal time to all the candidates, and Trump’s involvement with “Apprentice” would obviously make NBC’s coverage considered quite imbalanced.

There is a question as to whether Trump’s kids could carry on the show without him. They’ve previously played advisors to Trump’s host and boss role. But given Ivanka’s introduction at Tuesday’s event, it seems likely Trump’s children will be heavily-involved in his campaigning, and therefore would present the same fairness issue. Production on the new season has not begun yet whatsoever, and it’s, of course, not known how far Trump will actually get in the race, so a decision about his on-camera “Apprentice” time need not be made immediately.

It’s also unclear, however, how Trump’s plans will affect his televised beauty pageants, “Miss USA” and “Miss Universe,” which are usually produced in conjunction with NBC Universal. The 2015 “Miss USA” competition is scheduled to take place on July 12 and air on NBC live. Gossip Cop will have updates.


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