Donald Trump Blames “Our African American President” Obama For Baltimore Riots

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Donald Trump Baltimore Riots Obama

By Minyvonne Burke |

Donald Trump Baltimore Riots Obama

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Donald Trump slammed President Barack Obama in a series of tweets over the Baltimore riots. “Our great African American President hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore,” Trump tweeted early Tuesday. In another post, he wrote, “President Obama, you have a big job to do. Go to Baltimore and bring both sides together. With proper leadership, it can be done! Do it.”

Trump, who has never been known to bite his tongue, also lashed out at Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake after she said in a press conference that she wanted to give “those who wish to destroy” the “space” to do so. The real estate mogul clearly didn’t agree with Rawlings-Blake’s tactic, and sarcastically tweeted that she was a “real genius.”

“Our country has to come together. We have to start working with, and really liking, each other,” tweeted Trump in a separate post. He continued, “The whole world is watching Baltimore.” He also took issue with the Baltimore Police Department, and suggested that they didn’t know how to properly handle the riots. “Wow, 15 policeman hurt in Baltimore, some badly! Where is the National Guard. Police must get tough and fast! Thugs must be stopped,” tweeted Trump.

The “Celebrity Apprentice” star still wasn’t done. He further wrote in Twitter, “Blatant and rampant property destruction in Baltimore as the police stand by and watch. Should be a lesson on how NOT to handle riots. SAD.” Trump added, “Now that the ineffective Baltimore Police have allowed the city to be destroyed, are the U.S. taxpayers expected to rebuild it (again)?” The remarks made “Donald Trump” a trending topic on Twitter on Tuesday morning. What do you think of his tweets?


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