Donald Trump’s “#AskTrump” Q&A Backfires On Twitter — SEE TWEETS!

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Donald Trump Twitter Q and A

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Twitter Q and A

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Donald Trump’s “#AskTrump” Q&A on Twitter appears to be backfiring.

On Monday morning, the presidential candidate tweeted, “#AskTrump Send me your questions to answer live from @TwitterNYC later this afternoon.” It didn’t take long for “AskTrump” to become the top trending topic. But that’s not because of campaign supporters submitting questions.

Instead, most people seem to be using “#AskTrump” to call the Republican hopeful out on his controversial statements. “If you respect women why do you hate Hispanic women?” asked one Twitter user. Another questioned, “If you’re against raising the min wage in the US, will you at least raise the wage for the Chinese children who make your ties?” One person, referring to a conspiracy theory involving Hillary Clinton, even asked, “How much are you being paid to help Hillary get elected?”

“I’m curious, what does being a racist piece of trash feel like?” wrote a different individual. Another wondered, “Who proposed this terrible idea to you and may I kiss them?” Similarly, one Twitter user stated, “People never learn from history. Don’t try invade Russia in the winter. Don’t do a twitter Q&A if you are a pri*ck.”

That’s not to say there weren’t any genuine queries. “If minimum wage workers make more money, how is that bad for them, and how is losing health insurance good for someone?” asked one person. Another wanted to know, “How will you deal with the inflation of college tuition and the absurd loan system?” Someone else asked, “Are you willing to say, publicly and explicitly, that discrimination against Muslim Americans is unacceptable?”

Other questions were simply silly, off-topic messages. “What is your favorite cover on Ryan Adams’ 1989?” tweeted one individual. Another made a “Pretty Little Liars” reference, asking the mogul, “don’t you think Noel Kahn should come back?” Perhaps the harshest query was this: “Why do you want to be the next hitler?”

Trump hasn’t yet responded to any of the submissions, and instead has posted jabs against rivals Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina. For its part, the official “Twitter Government & Politics team” is promoting the dialogue, sending out a tweet reading, “Twitter Q&A Alert: Use @Twitter to get closer to #Election2016. Ask your questions using #AskTrump.” That message was retweeted by the Twitter New York City team. TELL US: What do you think of Trump holding a Twitter Q&A and the tweets he’s receiving?


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