“Donald Trump” Auditions On “America’s Got Talent” Premiere (VIDEO)

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Donald Trump Americas Got Talent Audition

By Shari Weiss |

Donald Trump Americas Got Talent Audition


“Donald Trump” auditioned on the “America’s Got Talent” premiere on Tuesday, and actually won over most of the judges. Check out the video below!

Mel B hit her “X” as soon as the impersonator took the stage, and the audience jeered as well, prompting this Trump to chide, “Stop with the fake boos.” Told to identify himself, he responded, “You need to ask? Who do I look like?” He went on to tell the judges and crowd, “We are going to make ‘America’s Got Talent’ great again. It’s going to be huge.”

“I know I can win it,” Trump insisted amidst more boos. “Hold on, can I just finish? I am here on a mission of love. It’s true.” Howie Mandel warned, “This better be good, or they’re going to build a wall around you and this audience is gonna pay for it.” And then the unexpected happened.

Trump started singing and dancing to Bruno Mars… and almost everyone loved it. He even declared afterward, “If I don’t make it through to the next round after that, this thing is rigged.” Mandel told him, “To be honest with you, I think it’s funny, and I think in these times, it’s the kind of performance we need.”

Heidi Klum commented, “This is not about liking Donald Trump or not liking Donald Trump. This is ‘America’s Got Talent,’ and you are talented. This is the first time I like Donald, I have to say.” Mel was the dissident, admitting, “For me, it was not enough good singing. Just oh, no.”

That prompted Trump to state, “Many people say I’m the best singer in the history of the world.” As for Simon Cowell, he was in agreement with Mandel. “This is something, trust me, we’re all going to remember,” the mogul said, adding, “This is exactly the kind of originality we’re looking for.”

And even with Mel’s “no,” he still made it through to the next round. Cowell told him, “Donald Trump, you’ve just won for the second time. Three yesses.” Watch the full video below!

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