Don Cheadle Defends Taylor Swift, Kanye West Grammys Joke

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Don Cheadle Taylor Swift Kanye Grammys Joke

By Andrew Shuster |

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Don Cheadle is defending the joke he made after the Grammy Awards on Monday night about wanting to pull a “Kanye” when Taylor Swift won Album of The Year over Kendrick Lamar. The actor was, of course, referring to the infamous incident at the 2009 MTV VMAs, during which Kanye West interrupted Swift in the middle of her acceptance speech for Best Female Video to declare that Beyonce should have won instead.

Cheadle was in attendance at the 2016 Grammys, and as Gossip Cop reported, he later tweeted, “I almost Kanyed tonight. #Restraint #Temperance @kendricklamar #AlbumoftheYear !!!!” Many of Cheadle’s followers, as well as devoted “Swifties,” bashed the actor for his dig at Swift, especially in light of West’s diss against the singer on his new track “Famous.” But following the criticism, Cheadle went on to note, “Tweeps, I’m not a Taylor hater. I think Kendrick’s album is stronger and more deserving. That’s all. My opinion.”

When questioned by a tabloid TV show on Monday about why he didn’t go on stage, Cheadle noted that doing so would be “classless.” He also pointed out that his “tweet is hardly the same thing” as what West did. But Cheadle’s explanation clearly wasn’t satisfactory enough for Swift’s army of fans.

After being barraged with more angry tweets on Tuesday, Cheadle defended himself by saying, “Some people are reacting as if I ACTUALLY jumped on stage. T. Swift is an adult, a megastar and utterly undiminished by my joke. Tranquilo.”


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