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Is Dolly Parton preparing for a tell-all interview and open up about all her former lovers? Gossip Cop has looked into the tabloid claim to suss out what’s what.

The cover story of OK! Magazine is about the “9 to 5” singers plans to open up about her relationships with Kenny Rogers, Burt Reynolds and her husband Carl Dean. Parton is “spilling the beans on the great loves of her life” an unnamed anonymous source claims. Apparently “she owes it to Carl to set the record straight about all the wild rumors.”

The tabloid latches onto a few candid interviews that Parton has done in the past to show just how exciting this alleged tell-all would be. It’s typical of tabloids to take one true story and explode it from there. In this case, Dolly admitted she had an “affair of the heart” in the 2017 book Dolly on Dolly. She said she had only one affair though and did not say with whom, so it’s impossible for her to have been with both “Passionate Burt” or “Soulmate Kenny,” as this article implies. And there is no evidence it's either one.

A tell-all special hardly seems necessary for Parton, and so Gossip Cop can safely say this story is false. For starters, Parton has already penned an autobiography, Dolly, and plans to release an annotated “visual memoir and annotated songbook” entitled Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics. Parton's written songs about Dean too. She wouldn't need a sit-down interview to express her love; she would only need a pen.

How exactly would a "tell-all special" prove that Parton is truly in love with her husband like this tabloid is claiming? The couple recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by renewing their wedding vows. This is a genuine display of true love between lifelong partners, not a tell-all to spill dirty laundry as this tabloid promotes.

The tabloid standard “tell-all” story appears constantly with nearly every star. A few months ago this same magazine ran an almost identical story about Jennifer Aniston finally doing a tell-all interview. This story was false, as Gossip Cop was told by Aniston’s spokesperson that she “has never planned, nor does she currently have plans” for a tell-all interview of any kind.

A few years before this we busted yet another claim from this very same tabloid. It was claiming Robert Redford was writing a tell-all memoir. It has been nearly two years since that article and no memoir has surfaced, so Gossip Cop was right to debunk that story as false. Just as we this one is probably also false.

Similarly, last year In Touch, a sister magazine to OK!, claimed that Brad Pitt was planning a tell-all TV interview. Gossip Cop debunked this and of course, no special has surfaced. This is an easy tactic for a gossip magazine. It frees the tabloid up to willfully speculate without even a veneer of truth. Luckily, Gossip Cop is here to bust these cases open.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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